Preclinical studies of Uyghur herbal flowers and other innovative varieties passed acceptance

On December 23, the Ministry of Science and Technology commissioned the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Department of Science and Technology to organize relevant experts to undertake the national science and technology support plan "Uyghur Medicine Modernization" undertaken by the Xinjiang Institute of Physics and Chemistry Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The project of "Research and Industrialization Demonstration" project "Pre-clinical Research on Uyghur Herbal Flowers and Other Characteristic Innovative Varieties" was accepted. After reviewing the acceptance materials and listening to the report of the person in charge of the research group, the expert group believed that the technical information submitted by the project was complete, the use of funds was reasonable, the task division was clear, and the organization and management standards were completed. Reached the assessment index specified in the task statement of the subject, unanimously agreed that the subject passed the acceptance, and put forward pertinent suggestions for the management and subsequent improvement of the subject.

Since the implementation of this topic, a total of 37 scientific researchers have participated in 5 units. It took three years to successfully complete the research tasks in the task book: carried out the research on the preparation process of the effective parts or effective ingredients of the five distinctive Uyghur medicinal materials such as cotton flower, chicory, camel tent, garlic, and sage, and completed the corresponding Chinese Trial production; carried out research on the selection of dosage forms of cotton flower total flavonoid tablets, sage drop pills, camel berberine (HMD-272) injection, garlic enzyme and alliin / garlic enzyme enteric-coated tablets; developed cotton flowers, etc. The quality standards of some medicinal materials, raw materials, and preparations and the preparation process of reference products; completed the pharmacological, pharmacodynamic, pharmacological and toxicological research work of cotton flowers, and carried out chicory, camelidine, garlic enzyme and garlic ammonia Research work on pharmacology, partial pharmacodynamics, pharmacology and toxicology of acid / garlic enzyme and sage. The subject set up a pilot production line for the purification of macroporous resins with total flavonoids in cotton flowers, obtained 2 new drug application acceptance notices, obtained 1 standard product certificate, applied for 9 invention patents, and authorized 3; published 14 papers, including SCI It includes 5 articles, training 4 PhD students and 9 master students.

The "Uyghur Medicine Modernization Research and Industrialization Demonstration" project is the first national science and technology support plan for medicine in Xinjiang. "Uyghur Herbal Flower and other characteristic and innovative varieties of preclinical research" is one of the topics. Promotion, the cultivation of talents in various research institutes, enterprises, and medical institutions in Xinjiang, as well as the positive demonstration and promotion of Uyghur medicine standardization. Through the implementation of the subject, it has accumulated experience and laid the foundation for the future development of pharmaceutical research projects of Xinjiang Institute of Physics and Chemistry and the acquisition of major projects.

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