18b20 temperature sensor

Product Name:ds 18b20 temperature sensor
Brand: Kunlun Zhongda Specifications: DS18b20
Function: Temperature Measurement and Control Model: KZW/DS/18b20
Size: Material determined by actual demand:
Color: stainless steel

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Ds 18b20 temperature sensor

Ds 18b20 temperature sensor product features:

It is wear-resistant, impact-resistant, small in size, easy to use and packaged in various forms. It is suitable for digital temperature measurement and control in various narrow spaces.

Parameter performance description:

1. Unique single-wire interface mode, DS18B20 only requires one port to connect the microprocessor and the DS18B20 when it is connected to the microprocessor;

2, the temperature range (-55 °C ~ +125 °C), the inherent temperature error (note, not the resolution, here was wrong before) 0.5 °C;

3, support multi-point networking function, a plurality of DS18B20 can be connected in parallel on the only three lines, up to only 8 in parallel, to achieve multi-point temperature measurement, if the number is too much, will make the power supply voltage is too low, resulting in signal transmission Instability

4, the power supply: 3 ~ 5V / DC (data line parasitic power supply);

5. No external components are needed during use, and the measurement result is transmitted in 9~12 bits digital mode;

6, stainless steel protection pipe diameter Φ6, suitable for DN15 ~ 25, DN40 ~ DN250 various media industry pipelines and narrow space equipment temperature measurement;

7, standard installation thread M10X1, M12X1.5, G1/2" optional

The PVC cable is directly out of the line or the German-style ball-type junction box outlet is convenient for connection with other electrical equipment.

Application range (changes its appearance depending on the application):

1. The product is suitable for temperature measurement and control fields such as frozen warehouses, granaries, storage tanks, telecommunications rooms, power equipment rooms, cable trunkings, and agricultural greenhouses;

2. Temperature measurement and control of industrial equipment such as bearings, cylinders, textile machinery, air conditioning (heating and cooling), and boilers;

3, automobile air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, low-temperature drying ovens and other mechanical equipment supporting equipment such as temperature measurement and control.

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