Low-cost general-purpose PP

BASF has introduced five general-purpose Neopolen P intumescent PP (EPP) resins. It has a wide range of applications in the automotive (72% of the materials used), packaging, and transportation. New products can provide better performance than PS and PU, including good impact properties, thermal insulation, formability, low moisture retention, and more. Can be cooked. EPP processed foam packaging is more stable, so that it reduces losses during transportation, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

Grade Grade 9425 is lighter and has better durability. Bright red, metallic red, sky blue, metallic blue and white. It is mainly used for molding and processing of toys and entertainment products. Different colors are used for different purposes. Type 9235 is applied to the forming of ceilings for vehicles and requires a particularly smooth foam surface. Grade 7230 is suitable for low cost products such as low cost automotive parts.

Source of information: pack.cn

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