Six eyeliner tips are beautiful and not hurt

It is not a small number of doctors who use the eyeliner because of improper use of the eyeliner. In addition to the difficulty of mastering the eyeliner, the MM feel uncomfortable. In order to prevent everyone from falling into the same dilemma, we consulted a professional dermatologist to teach us how to avoid the damage caused by the eyeliner. So, don't want eyeliner products to make you and the ophthalmology have a "close date", then go down and watch.

Six eyeliner tips make beauty beautiful

Six eyeliner tips make beauty beautiful

Choose high quality eyeliner products

This is a guarantee for eye health. The regular brand of eyeliner products are strictly controlled from formula to quality. You don't have to worry about the health problems that cause eye infections.

Eyeliner preservation method is very important

Some of the eyeliner is a twist-in and retract function, or a plastic lid design, remember not to expose the nib to the air. If it is an eyeliner, clean the eyeliner brush after each use. Dirty eyeliner will condense on the brush head to breed bacteria. Try Shu Uemura hair brush cleaner (RMB90) or MakeUpForEver brush cleaner (RMB130/210ml) It can disinfect, protect and care the brush. After use, the brush is softer and smoother.

Eyeliner is not suitable for use in a damp bathroom, so put them in a waterproof cosmetic bag or on the dressing table in the living room. There is also a place that is easy to ignore. The pencil sharpener for sharpening the eyeliner is recommended to be wiped clean after each use, so that the eyeliner will not be contaminated during the sharpening process.

Sharpen the eyeliner

Six eyeliner tips make beauty beautiful

Sharpen the eyeliner

The lines drawn by the blunt eyeliner are indeed soft, suitable for creating smoky eyes. But if the refill is almost indented into the wooden pen, don't be lazy anymore, which can cause allergies and rubbing into your cornea and eyelids. Sharpen the eyeliner, then gently rub the tip on the paper towel to make the tip round.

Wash your hands

If you like to smudge the eyeliner with your fingers, remember to wash your hands before applying makeup. Rubbing your eyes with dirty hands is one of the causes of eye irritation.

Give up sequin eyeliner

Six eyeliner tips make beauty beautiful

Give up sequin eyeliner

Although some products claim to be absolutely safe, it is not a good thing to use flash sequins too close to the eye, especially if you are still wearing contact lenses. Tiny sequins can easily get under the contact lens and rub the eyeball for a long time. If you like sparkling, choose a glossy eyeliner (liquid) or a fake eyelash with a small crystal. Order is important

If you wear invisible, then you should wear contact lenses and then make up, but when you remove the makeup, just the opposite, remove the invisible and then remove the makeup.

With a gentle eye makeup remover

Gentle eye make-up remover does not irritate your eyes, through eye specialists and allergic tests, removes eyeliner without hurting your eyes. We recommend BOBBIBROWN Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (RMB220/100ml) to easily remove eye makeup, rich in rose water and aloe vera to soothe and calm the skin. It has a cool and soothing effect. Clinique Clinique and Lip Makeup Remover (RMB210/25ml) is soft and suitable for those who wear contact lenses and the most sensitive skin. It has a cool and soothing effect, even moisturizing and protecting eyelashes. 100% fragrance-free through ophthalmologists and allergy testing. MakeUpForEver Eye Makeup Remover (RMB270/100ml), an ultra-efficient water-soluble creamy makeup remover with a fragrance-free formula that is refreshing and non-greasy after use.

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