The quality of the Plome sink is good or not.

The washing of all kinds of things in life, such as pots and pans, fruits, vegetables, etc., is inseparable from the sink. In the kitchen and bathroom products, the purchase of sinks is therefore particularly important. Many customers and editors inquire about which brand of sink is of good quality. Therefore, the editor in this issue will introduce you to the price information of the PREMIER sink and the PREMIER sink.

1. The quality of the Plome sink is good

1. General situation

Premi inherits European superb craftsmanship and integrates the latest global technology, focusing on stainless steel faucets, showers, sinks, pendants and other kitchen and bathroom hardware solutions. The product is made of 304 stainless steel as the main material, and its advantages in durability, safety and health, energy saving and environmental protection, and easy maintenance exceed the products produced by other materials, and become a new generation of healthy bathroom products. Will lead the new direction of the development of the bathroom industry.

2. The environmental protection of Promet Sink

Preme stainless steel faucets, showers, sinks and other products adhere to 304 stainless steel as the main material. 304 stainless steel does not contain lead, does not rust, and the water quality is not polluted, ensuring your water safety; Premi products are more durable, greatly reducing repeated purchases, and avoiding waste of resources; the product surface adopts Premi first soft silk physical treatment technology, with 304 stainless steel natural silver gloss, physical surface treatment does not require electroplating In addition to the pollution to the environment during the manufacturing process, there is no need to worry about the coating falling off or long copper rust. The cleaning is simple and convenient, and it can show a crystal clear appearance for a long time. As the souls of product design and development, they injected the innovative design concept of the perfect combination of functional humanization and art.

3. The design concept of Promet Sink

Premium sinks are premature products for the Chinese and Asian Chinese markets. They have been leading the development trend of kitchen and bathroom product design at home and abroad. They are scientifically designed according to the cultural environment and living habits of different regions in Asia, integrating modern oriental aesthetics and humanism. To European retro, from simple fashion to luxury classics, combined with international advanced manufacturing technology, to meet the different life needs of various users.

2. Price of Premi

This site is a specialty store

Plome sink (single slot) FS720 + PF7107 ---------------- 999.00 yuan / set

Prometa stainless steel sink single tank JS208 ------------------- 1099.00 yuan / set

Plome large space single slot JS205 faucet 304 --------------- 1180.00 yuan / set

Prometa kitchen stainless steel sink double slot 304 DS308A ------------ 1750.00 yuan / set

Plome sink NR805 ----------- 2880.00 yuan / set

PL904 304 stainless steel three-sink CM904 --------- 4099.00 yuan / set

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