10 family background walls recommended for the collection of home culture features

Background wall, also called wall decoration, has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation and wave absorption. The background wall with these functions can be used not only as a TV background wall, but also as a sofa background wall, bedroom wall, entrance wall, etc. In the modern day when people are increasingly pursuing the taste of home decoration, the background wall almost embodies all the style and taste of a home decoration, so the design of the background wall is very important. Can refer to.

Recommendation one:

Features: Wall Waist

Reference fee: 270 yuan / square meter (different according to the wood material used)

Reason for recommendation: The use of the waist of the storybook to open the embroidered piece is very rare, because it is easy to give people a feeling of adding a snake. "Patch-up" on the wall with a carefully carved piece, like an open story book, makes the room more book-filled.

Recommendation two:

Features: leather decoration

Reference fee: 300 yuan / square meter (the fee is determined according to the cortex)

Recommended reason: decorate the wall with leather. Leather decorates the wall so that everything in the room exudes a noble atmosphere. The effect of pure hand-made manufacturing shows that the owner's attitude towards the quality of life is not sloppy. Leather furniture has always given people a sense of luxury, and the treatment of leather walls has pushed this luxury to the extreme.

Recommendation three:

Features: Wallcovering

Reference fee: 170 yuan / square meter

Recommended reason: the bright colors of the warm picture of the wall cloth and the bright sunshine, although the room looks very bright, but the gentle atmosphere of the home does not seem to be rich. Even if the pastel color is used for the background wall, the room is still too empty. And when the wall cloth is used as the background of the home, the soft touch makes people visually warm up. The use of wall coverings should avoid the lack of taste in the entire room, such as the soft room of KTV. Even if it is only used on one wall, you can choose a part to strengthen the decoration.

Recommendation four:

Features: display cabinet

Reference fee: according to the cabinet material

Reason for recommendation: With so many and exquisite collections displaying the collections, if you create a single cabinet for display, you always feel like a planned museum. A window was opened on the wall, and the baby was embedded in the wall, and you would actually feel a strong sense of history. Sitting quietly in the room, silently facing the era, talking with each baby in detail.

Recommendation five:

Features: Mirror

Reference fee: 120 yuan

Recommended reason: decorating with a mirror is not new, and here the two very common materials of round mirrors and branches are combined to form a decorative object on the wall, which is reminiscent of only in fairy tales. Magic mirror.

Recommendation 6:

Features: homemade prints

Reference fee: unknown

Recommended reason: scarves are in the painting. If you think the beautiful paintings are hanging on the wall, then you are wrong. That is the scarf of Hermes! Because it is the owner's favorite, it is carefully collected. Nowadays, the practice of decorating the walls of homes with textile collections has been used by many people. Exquisite embroidery and hand-sewn Chinese clothes are also good helpers for decorating walls and highlighting the master's taste.

Recommendation 7:

Features: Round decorative board

Reference fee: 160 yuan / square meter

Recommended reason: The round imagination has a very strong modern metal decorative panel, which justly dilutes the excessively dense classic atmosphere in the room, and the very exaggerated golden color also fits the overall tone of the room. The circular hollow design echoes the ceiling light, and the background color exposed in the hollow also weakens the visual conflict of the siding and maximizes people's imagination.

Recommendation eight:

Features: Mirror

Reference fee: 60 yuan

Reason for recommendation: The simple colors and simple design of the mirrors all show the toughness and masculine personality of the owner. Too much decoration will undoubtedly destroy the atmosphere here. A cold mirror is the best finishing touch here.

Recommendation nine:

Features: Curtain

Reference fee: 300 yuan

Recommended reason: the dialogue between window and curtain In the bathroom, the window must be equipped with curtains, otherwise the light will let outsiders have a glance at the interior. Although blinds can avoid this embarrassment to a great extent, they will appear dull visually. Choosing an elegant Roman blind is like giving the window a beautiful picture frame, and the changing scenery outside the window is a landscape photo.

Recommendation ten:

Features: Wallpaper

Reference fee: According to the wallpaper price

Recommended reason: The wallpaper puzzle game selects the wallpaper that decorates the wall according to the overall color of the room, which is an element that keeps the style of the entire room consistent. A large area of ​​paving will make the wall that is not wide enough appear narrower. Use a wallpaper to divide the entire wall into several parts and make the whole wall lively immediately. This clever game will let everyone praise your creativity .

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