Shuaikang side range hood JE5559 four-dimensional air intake + glass body

How about Shuaikang range hoods, in fact, many people don't know much about Shuaikang range hoods, and their consumption of Shuaikang range hoods is very good. Today we come to know Shuaikang range hood JE5559, this product was produced in 2013, using a black cool glass body with silver gray stainless steel material combination grade, the texture is quite delicate. In terms of air volume, there are 15 cubic meters, and the cost performance is quite high.

Shuaikang JE5559 side range hood

(Shuaikang JE5559 side range hood)

Shuaikang uses low-level installation, four-dimensional swirling suction technology, strong suction 360-degree smoke, smoke does not escape. High quality original design motor lifetime warranty, safe and secure.

The integrally formed oversized smoke-collecting panel has better smoke-collecting effect and is convenient for scrubbing. Stylish and durable four-finger keyboard design; energy-saving and environmentally friendly cold light lamp does bring a lot of convenience to cooking; the 800mm large oil cup design reduces the number of pouring oil is also a very powerful design.

Summary: After reading the introduction of Shuaikang range hoods, everyone may have some specific intentions in mind. One thing to remind you is that this machine does not come with a decorative cover. You can purchase it separately if necessary.

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