Vantage side suction range hood i11001 four-dimensional net suction automatic cleaning

When we buy a range hood, we usually pay attention to the question: whether the suction power of the side suction hood is large enough, and whether it is easy to clean. In response to these 2 questions. Today I would like to recommend to you a Vantage i11001, a self-cleaning smoke machine with very good suction power. Next, let's take a look at the specific parameters and characteristics of this product.

Vantage i11001 side suction range hood

(Vatti i11001 side suction range hood 2599 yuan)

First of all, the price of this i11001 machine is 2599 yuan, the price is quite real. There are many friends who are always worried about the problems of cigarette machine contact and oil dripping. This machine perfectly solves these problems, so the side suction type is the most suitable.

In terms of suction, its exhaust volume of 15 cubic meters has been able to meet the users of frequent speculation. The large smoke shield of toughened glass has a larger range of smoke, and quickly sucks up the rising smoke around. The i11001 uses a three-proof motor, strong suction, and built-in NSK stable and quiet bearings, but it is the first brand in Japan!

In terms of cleaning, most of Vantage's smoke machines have an automatic cleaning function. As long as the cleaning cup is hung, a button can be automatically cleaned, which is super convenient. The overall fuselage is made of air-brushed aluminum material, which condenses quickly, and we can clean it quickly with just one swipe.

In addition, the size of Vantage i11001 is: length 895mm â…¹ width 514mm â…¹ height 857mm, the size is quite large, suitable for large-area kitchen use, especially friends who have cabinets remember to reserve space and measure the size.

Netizen evaluation of Vantage side suction range hood i11001:

z *** 3 said: The smoke machine and the energy gathering stove have been received. I bought the product I loved at the right time. I am very satisfied with the product and the packaging of the product is also quite awesome, especially the smoke machine. The wooden frame is covered with thick foam and also supported by wooden poles, so you don't need to worry about the product at all.

y *** 8 said: Vantage store, it is cheaper than the store, it will be installed in about 10 days. I look forward to seeing the baby, praise the express, the speed, and the courier brother sent to my house, very responsible, I wish the store Business is booming, recommend it to your friends.

z *** j said: I bought the i10002B + i11001 side suction range hood gas stove side suction gathering stove package! Very beautiful and the packaging is very strong! Manga Tree's service attitude is very good and very patient!

Summary: Compared with other brands of the same price range, Vantage side range hoods are not as famous as Fang Tai boss in terms of brand awareness, but in terms of specific products, i11001's price-performance ratio is quite good. If you want to know more details about i11001, you can pay attention to it.

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