Bedroom wardrobe styles are varied and you can buy authentic products in the bowl.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The bedroom is always a piece of furniture is the wardrobe , it is a good helper in our daily life, so it is not surprising that there is such a piece of furniture in the bedroom. Then you know which bedroom wardrobe is the best for you? Find the right bedroom wardrobe, how can you choose a good wardrobe? Let the Chinese wardrobe network tell you today.

First, bedroom wardrobe three styles:

Bedroom wardrobe style

Bedroom wardrobe style

One of the styles of the bedroom closet: sliding door. This kind of general presentation in one overall, also known as "one" type overall wardrobe , gives a simple and bright feeling, generally suitable for families with relatively small areas. Based on modern Chinese style.

The style of the bedroom wardrobe is two: the swing door. A whole wardrobe with a traditional opening method, which may be preferred by middle-aged people, also plays a dustproof effect.

The style of the bedroom closet is three: open. This type of overall wardrobe is also called a doorless overall wardrobe, entering the bedroom so the clothing storage is visible in front of you. Appearance can also be varied and combined. Highly functional.

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