Apple's conference rose gold 6S to make how many people back pain

For years, Apple Inc. in the United States has chosen to release new products in September. Today it has been dubbed Apple's month in September. Beijing time on the morning of September 10, the United States local time in the afternoon of September 9th, Apple's new product launch will start as scheduled, as we expected 6s, 6s Plus and the new Ipad, AppleTV, and IWatch are debut. Seeing so many new products, Xiaobian as a fruit powder just wants to say that the waist is a little uncomfortable.

The newly released iphone6s is consistent with the previous 6 in terms of appearance. As expected, Apple officially launched the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus at the press conference. The new rose gold color scheme was added, plus the previous four silver, gold and gray versions. Color matching. Internally, the A8 processor will be upgraded to A9, which is said to be 80% faster. In addition, there are also various internal upgrades, which are dazzling as a small series of liberal arts students, but it is worth noting that the new shell uses 7000 aluminum material, and the hardness is very high. Ascension reduces the risk of sitting on a bend.

IPad Pro is a 12.9-inch tablet PC. In order to enhance the user experience, Apple also introduced official accessories for the iPad Pro, including a protective case keyboard, fiber material, priced at 169 US dollars, and a stylus named Apple Pencil , built-in lightning interface, can be directly inserted into the iPad charging, this will be a designer and engineers necessary hardware tablet.

The company also introduced the new Apple TV, equipped with a new remote control, a glass panel, and touch and voice control. Apple TV uses a redesigned UI called tvOS, which is based on iOS, and adds an App Store app store that can install a variety of applications and games. And, the new tvOS can be available for developers to download today.

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