HWM wireless ultrasonic water level measuring instrument: ideal for flood warning

Shanghai, March 18, 2013 / PRNewswire /-In recent years, on-time and sudden floods have become increasingly common. Many areas were hit by disasters without or with insufficient preparation, and they did not believe they were in danger until the disaster occurred. A reliable and cost-effective advanced early warning system can continuously monitor river water, sewers, road area water and water level rise and overflow. It can save lives, protect property, and issue potential danger alerts to competent authorities and community residents.

The SonicSens 2 ultrasonic liquid level gauge and flow sensor are battery-powered, developed and manufactured by professional manufacturer Halma Water Management Company (HWM), and can accurately, contactlessly, remotely and wirelessly monitor the water level and flow rate. The ultrasonic sensor accurately measures the distance to the water surface (and the water level). When the water level exceeds the set threshold, the sensor will automatically alert up to 16 phone numbers. When the alarm is activated, it can also provide a quick dial-in function, so that users can obtain the latest detailed information in a timely manner and quickly in an emergency.

For the flood warning system, SonicSen 2's versatile telemetry technology, rugged structure and long-lasting battery life make it very convenient to use: it does not require any continuous maintenance or supporting infrastructure, and it is very suitable for "one time and one time" in areas with little people Mode of operation. As long as SonicSens 2 is installed, it can continue to run according to the set procedure without local maintenance, maintenance or other operations.

The system also provides easy-to-use computer software to speed up and simplify the installation and setup process. The smart sensor has an adjustable range setting, variable no-control zone or blanking distance, self-diagnosis, and echo loss alarm. The intrinsically safe ATEX certified version can be used in potentially hazardous environments. The second channel function (digital or analog) can record additional temperature, pressure (depth) or flow through external equipment.

SonicSens 2 contains intelligent ultrasonic sensors and Multilog LX telemetry data logger, which transmits data via SMS or low-cost GPRS. Two-way connectivity allows remote resetting without costly and time-consuming field visits, which truly improves convenience and cost-effectiveness and is suitable for use in hard-to-access locations.

The newly added water level rise rate trend alarm can call alarms to 16 designated phone numbers. When the alarm is activated, SonicSens 2 can provide a quick dial-in function to quickly upload data during an accident. This will ensure that operators obtain detailed information in a timely manner to assess the status quo as soon as possible and respond quickly to changes in water levels.

Halma Water Management has installed specially designed low-power electronic devices for SonicSens 2 to give the battery a five-year life expectancy. In this way, the device is the best choice when installing flow or water level sensors in inaccessible areas. Even if the device transmits data every 15 minutes, a low-cost battery pack can guarantee a five-year battery life.

For product details, please contact Jia Xiufeng, Manager of Greater China Water Management (telephone, email :).

Introduction to Halma Water Management (HWM) and Halma (HALMA)

Halma Water Management (HWM) is the world leader in leak management, pressure management and flow management technologies, and is also one of the largest suppliers in these areas. Halma Water Management Company is composed of four Halma companies. They are Palmer Environment Co., Ltd., Radiocom Technology Co., Ltd., Radio-tech Co., Ltd. and FCS Company. Dedicated sales and sales support network. Halma Water Management is the world's top designer and manufacturer, specializing in the development of leak detection and monitoring equipment. For more than 40 years, with its rich experience, it has continuously met the needs of customers in leak detection. The company provides a variety of leak monitoring products, including the most widely used leak noise related instruments and acoustic products, market leading noise recorders, step-by-step detectors, data recorders, pressure controllers, flow meters, etc.

Halma Water Management is a subsidiary of Halma plc. Founded in 1894, Halma is a leader in international security, health and sensor technology. It is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange and has more than 4,500 employees worldwide and more than 40 subsidiaries. Halma currently has representative offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenyang, and has opened several factories and production bases in China.

For the latest Halma China news and to subscribe to RSS, please visit the Halma China News blog: http://halmapr.com/news/halmacn/. You can also visit the company's English news blog through the following link: http://halmapr.com/news/hwm/.

Business contact:

Jeffrey Jia

Great China Water Management Manager

Tel: 86 (21) 52068686; Email:


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