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Q: How to test windbreakers made of waterproof and windproof fabrics?

A: Look for Jackets seam glue, get into a bucket shape outside the fabric, pour some cool water, from the inside with dry hands and move, there should be no water on the hand, this is a waterproof part, I would like to leave high two years ago Gongshan looking for the C53 expedition leak jacket is mainly a joint problem; the other to find a joint pressure plastic, half a cup of boiling water, cover the mouth with a fabric inside, and then in the front of the fabric press a dry glass, take the glass for a while Look at the surface should have a fine layer of water droplets (time should not be too long to avoid water droplets into pieces), if there is no pressure beads wide seam adhesive place, indicating that the pressure of plastic non-GORE-TEX special glue. At present, there are many waterproof and breathable fabrics, and it is easy to solve the problem of waterproofing. However, the breathability is generally not up to the standard of GORE. Of course, only the joints are airtight and have no influence on the overall situation.

Q: How to identify the authenticity of waterproof breathable trench coat?

A: No matter what the brand is, the manufacturers who use this high-grade fabric all have considerable strength. Therefore, the workmanship and accessories are very particular, such as the zipper of YKK, etc., which can be distinguished by careful inspection. It is recommended to buy a jacket with a matching fleece jacket, which can be used to replace warm or even down jackets. We rarely wear down jackets below 7 km and we usually use a pair of fleece jackets. In addition, the underwear should be larger than the daily one.

It is relatively easy to distinguish GORETEX fabrics, because GORETEX is only a fabric manufacturer and does not manufacture finished products itself, so most of them hang a GORETEX tag on the finished product. There is a small GORETEX weaving on the left waist or pocket, and the inner collar The main character is still a real clothing brand, of course, there will be a hanging card of clothes brand, sometimes as many as three or more. Secondly, all FUNCTION WEARs require 100% waterproof, so all seams will have stickers (heat-sealing strips). FUNCTION WEAR for high grades will require a strip width of 20mm or more, and double stitches will require three strips. (Every car line pressure one, plus one in the middle), when you buy out of the inside to see it on the clear, and the pressure of the tape as diarrhea as there are bubbles around the edge of the leak is definitely wild. Thirdly, it is important to look at the stitch length of the car's thread. GORETEX fabrics require no more than 10 needles per inch (too tight fabric tearing) and no less than 7 needles (too sparse for effect). This is an important criterion for inspection.

Q: What are waterproof breathable fabrics?

A: Note that there are two kinds of waterproof breathable fabrics: water-resistant and waterproof, the former is divided into fiber/cloth type (not windproof but good air permeability) and transmembrane type (windproof but not good breathability); the latter is generally Transmembrane type, two or three layers, windproof, two layers softer than the three layers, air permeability is good, the three layers are more solid.

A fabric that is water-resistant or highly water repellent will seep when pressure is applied to it, for example when you sit on a wet stool with pants in this material. The more famous brands of this cloth are:

Toray Industries's H2OFF (fiber type), Azeculla, Toraydelfy (transmembrane type); WLGore & Associates's: Activent (transmembrane type) and Patagonia's H2Ho.

The development of completely waterproof breathable fabrics began in the late 1970s. Now the 2nd generation products are completely waterproof and windproof and maintain good air permeability. However, garments made from such fabrics are not necessarily completely waterproof, mainly because of the water seepage at the sewing seams or zipper areas, and it is necessary to ensure that garments are completely waterproof and that all seams must be glued at the seams (use waterproof beading for good garments). This requires a lot of labor and costs, and it is one of the reasons why such clothes are expensive. The famous brands of cloth are: Dermizax (Extensible Penetration Film) from Toray Industries, Entrant GII-XT, Xalt from Burlington, Polartec from Malden Mills, and W.LGore & Associates, which are all familiar to everyone. Gore-Tex. I know there is also a very famous brand called Sympatex. The specific one is not known.

It needs to be emphasized that the use of waterproof breathable material does not necessarily guarantee the wearer's comfort. According to the principle of moisture transmission, breathability and comfort depend to a large extent on the differences in temperature and humidity inside and outside the clothes. The drier and colder the outside, the better the breathability, the external temperature and humidity increase, and the moisture transmission also increases. Slowing down, stopping or even sending back moisture inside you.

Q: What factory can produce GORE-TEX fabrics?

A: GORETEX's fabric is good, but there are currently few manufacturers in the country that meet the GORETEX production standards. It is necessary to first explain how GORETEX tests the manufacturer: GORETEX is a manufacturer of fabrics. At the same time, it sells special rubber strips and adhesive strips (sealing machines) that can be used for sewing, and it is not possible to buy fabrics from GORETEX. , They shall send personnel to inspect the production status and product grade of the company after the manufacturer applies for a period of one year, and must also have a corresponding deposit (96 years is 20,000 US dollars). After clearance, GORETEX will provide enterprises with fabrics and adhesives. Article and free heat sealer (5 to 10 sets) for production. As far as I know, currently only two factories in Dongguan and one factory in Nanjing have GORETEX authorizations, and all of them are made from German brand-name goods, and then they are sold back (Yes, BIG-PAK is the production of Nanjing, do not think that they bought authentic German goods. ), GORETEX clothes seen on the market are mostly made in Taiwan.

Q: Is there a limitation to GORE-TEX?

A: In fact, GORETEX fabric is not a big deal. It is nothing more than that it is the first to be waterproof and breathable. The standard for water resistance is water pressure resistance. The number of MM water columns per square centimeter can withstand water permeability for one hour. The standard is the moisture permeability, the amount of water that can be permeated in 24 hours per square centimeter; ordinary GORETEX fabrics can be waterproof 2000mm, breathable 3000mm, and currently Taiwan's Housheng and some Korean manufacturers can do, even have Waterproof 4000 breathable 6,000 fabrics, the price per code is between 4 and 7 US dollars, the quality is absolutely there, fame is not as loud as GORETEX.

The one thing that needs special explanation is that GORETEX is also good for other fabrics. The air permeability is achieved through a layer of glue inside the fabric. Most of them are white, so that when the body is out of motion, the moisture will pass through the layer of glue. Out of fabric (previously waterproof clothing is PVC, can not pass gas), but the conditions for moisture permeability are: the humidity outside the fabric is lower than the fabric! In other words, if the humidity outside the clothes is higher than the humidity inside the clothes, then the moisture not only does not go out, but will also leak back into the clothes! Of course, there is a waterproof treatment on the surface of the fabric, and its degree will be reduced correspondingly.

Therefore, the breathable clothes are only suitable for wearing in areas with relatively low humidity in the north. In Guangzhou, the darkness and humidity of the day are 85% or more.

Q: How to wash waterproof breathable trench coat?

A: The most important thing is not to use a washing machine, otherwise the waterproof layer will separate from the cloth base under the strong pressure of the washing machine. The jacket is often worn for a long time to wash, do not mind washing once by hand. The fabrics of the Jackets are all chemical fiber materials. It is very easy to remove the stains. Soak them with a neutral detergent for about twenty minutes. Use a soft brush or sponge to clean the area. Clean it without screwing it. Clothes hangers dry. This method is not complicated.

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