French promotion injection stretch blow molding transparent polypropylene bottle

In order to further expand the technical scope, a few days ago, Sidel of France and Milliken (Milliken) signed an agreement to jointly develop and promote the global application of transparent polypropylene (ISBM PP) bottles.

According to reports, the transparent ISBM PP bottles developed by Sidel of France using injection stretch blow molding technology have crystal clear walls and good material properties, and the production speed can reach 1500 bottles per hour per mold. These ISBM PP bottles are more attractive and become more competitive packaging methods in the liquid market. All advantages of ISBM PP bottles combined with plastic packaging not only reduce the cost price of juices, functional beverages, dairy products and water, but also apply to the packaging of dehydrated products, disinfecting products or certain medicines. Therefore, in the Sidel range of products, ISBM PP bottles are a very powerful addition to injection stretch blow PET bottles. At present, Sidel has summed up its professional experience in the production of ISBM PP bottles, especially for bottle blank design, preform reheating process and mold transformation. It has unique technology and has solved the shrinkage, air permeability and bottle cooling of related materials. All aspects of the problem. In the future, Sidel will work with Milliken to further develop and promote the global application of ISBM PP bottles.

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